Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hills Night Hockey Association?

Hills Night Hockey Association (HNHA) is an indoor hockey league in Mundaring, Western Australia. HNHA co-ordinates games as well as some important equipment needed to play. HNHA does not co-ordinate teams.

How do I register myself/ my child for Hills Night Hockey?

First, you will need to find a team. Hills Night Hockey only co-ordinates games, not teams.

Pre-season please see “How can I find myself a team”

During the season please email your contact details and division to [email protected] and we will forward your details to teams

What divisions are there?

Under 7s, Under 9s, Under 11s, Under 13s, Under 15s, Under 17, B Men, A Men, B Women, A Women.

Division 1 and 2 are created by demand of the number of teams registered for the season and change year to year.

How can I find my child a junior team?

3 options

a) find 6 or 7 friends and register a team, see for details of registration night

b) Ask around at your local primary school, lots of Primary schools in the hills have teams.

c) Click here and contact a club

How do I find myself a senior team

a) find 6 or 7 mates and register a team, see or facebook for details of registration night

b) Click here and contact a club

What day do games happen?

Wednesday nights: Under 17 and Seniors

Thursday nights: Under 7s, Under 9s, Under 11s, Under 13s, Under 15s

Times vary depending on the number of teams that season.

When is the Night Hockey Season?

Term 4 and Term 1 each year. Approx October to April.

How do you play Indoor Hockey?

See “Rules” tab above, then select rules of Indoor hockey

I lost something at hockey, where can I find it?

All lost property is kept at Mundaring Arena, please approach a committee member next week and ask them

Can I borrow a hockey stick?

Please see the Indoor Stick FAQ page.

How much does hockey cost?

HNHA strives to keep fees as low as possible. Fees are charged per team, often then this is split between the players depending on individual arrangements. As a guideline the fees for the 2019-20 season were:

– Seniors $400 per team

– Juniors in Arena (Under 11, 13, 15 and 17) $300 per team

– Juniors outdoors (Under 7 and 9) $220 per team.

Any concerns, payment plans or Kidsport inquiries can be arranged by contacting the committee.

Please also factor in the cost of a mouth guard, shin pads, uniform and a hockey stick.

How do I raise a concern/complaint

Please do this via the secretary by emailing [email protected] only and not via the Facebook page.

The results table is wrong

Please email [email protected]

Who can I ask if I have a question?

To contact us by email: Click “Contact us” in the contacts tab above

Or contact us on Facebook: